The features section is a bit of a mixed bag. It will contain gig reviews, album reviews and basically anything which doesn't fit into any other section on the site. I would love to get as many contributions as possible from different people on The Chemical Brothers. Be it a gig review, a club night, or anything Chem Bros related. Contact us to submit articles or features. Credit assured.

Live Fan Reviews

[ rock en seine, france, 2004 ] [ a review of the Chem's live appearance at the Rock En Seine festival in France in October 2004, by Ludovic Charles]
[ buenos aires, argentina 2004 ] [ a review of the Chemical Brothers live appearance in October 2004, by Gabriel Alejandro Rojo ]
[ sao paulo, brazil, 2004 ] [ setlist and photos from Chemical Brothers gig in October 2004, by Sergio Porro ]
[ audiotistic festival 2003 ] [ a review of the Chem's DJ appearance at Los Angelus' Audiotistic festival in October 2003, by Mia Hill ]
[ coachella festival 2002 ] [ a brilliant review of The Chems live at California's Coachella Festival in April 2002, by Mia Mill ]
[ austin music hall, austin, texas(1) ] [ The Chemical Brothers played Texas in April 2002, on the latest leg of their 2002 World Tour, by Ryan Perez ] 
[ allstate arena, chicago ] [ review of The Chemical Brothers live in April 2002 as part of their 2002 World Tour, by Julie Lynn Hill ] 
[ hammerstein ballroom, new york ] [ a review of the Chems live at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom in April 2002, by Jim Furiosi ]
[ brixton acadamy, london ] [ a review of the Chems at the London Brixton Acadamy, as part of their 2002 World Tour, in March 2002, by Mike Wilcox ]

[ north shore, auckland, new zealand ] [ a review of the Chems on their 2002 World Tour by Ivan Vukovic, from Auckland, New Zealand, including a track-by-track breakdown of the set. ]

[ "come with us" launch party, barcelona ] [ a review of the "Come With Us" launch party in Barcelona, January 2002, by David Vidal ]
[ glint dj set, heaven, london ] [ a review of The Chemical Brothers DJ set at the Bugged Out! Meets The Boutique night at Heaven, December 2001, by Mike Wilcox]
[ big day out 2000, australia ] [ a review of The Chemical Brothers live at The Big Day Out 2000, in Melbourne, Australia, by c h e m k e i t h ]
[ centro-fly, new york ] [ a review of The Chemical Brothers DJ set at New York's Centro-Fly on November 2nd 2001, by James Furiosi ]
[ coachella 2001 ] [ a fascinating personal review of the coachella festival in California in April 2001, by Mia Hill ]
[ sheffield octagon ] [ an excellent review of The Chems gig at the Sheffield Octagon, on 10th May 1999, by John Allsopp ]
[ austin music hall, austin, texas (2) ] [ a second review of the Chems in Austin, April 2002, by Zero ] 

Chemical Brothers Features

[ Creamfields 2003 ] An interview give to the Creamfields website in advance of the Chems appearance their on August 23rd 2003.
[ Portsmouth Guildhall, 2002 ] [ review of live Chems gig on 19th March 2002 from the NME ]
[ pulse interview ] [ interview given by The Chemical Brothers in January 2002 to Pulse Magazine, to promote the release of "Come With Us". Pulse Magazine is the Tower Records in store magazine.]
[ remix magazine interview ] [ extensive January 2002 Remix Magazine interview with The Chemical Brothers, which delved into the more technical side of the making of "Come With Us", and discussed samples used.]
[ muzik top 50 dance albums of all time ] [ In January 2002, Muzik Magazine published what its writers defined as the 50 best dance albums of all time. DJ Shadow topped the list, with his seminal "Endtroducing" from 1996. Number 2 in the chart was The Chemical Brothers 1995 debut "Exit Planet Dust". Read the accompanying article about "Exit Planet Dust" here.]
[ q album covers of all time ] [ in 2001, q magazine published a special issue, which featured what it considered to be the best 100 record covers of all time. included in their list was the cover of "surrender". This section contains the entire text of the feature on the "surrender" cover.]
[ my first time... ] [ fans describe when they heard The  Chemical Brothers' music for the first time ]
[ vegetable vision ] [ vegetable vision create all the visuals used by The Chemical Brothers during their live gigs.]
[ tom rowlands NY Rock interview 1997 ] [ in July 1997, Tom Rowlands gave this interview to web based US music site NY Rock]
[ addicted to noise interview 1997 ] [ Tom and Ed give a comprehensive interview in 1997 to the now defunked Addicted To Noise internet music magazine ]
[ Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, 1999 ] ['s review of The Chemical Brothers live in New York, September 1999 ]

External Links to other Chemical Brothers Features

[ jo whiley interview ] [ Broadcast on January 24th 2002 on BBC Radio 1, Jo Whiley interviewed The Chemical Brothers. Text of part of the interview, plus the entire audio here.]
[ all back to mine ] [ the BBC radio feature where artists discuss tracks and other artists which have inspired them and form part of their home listening. The Chemical Brothers discuss tracks from The Beatles and New Order among others.]